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Lise Solange Pelletier


Tenses  -

                   Present continuous

                   Simple present

                   Present continuous & simple present

                   Present tenses with a future meaning

                   Future with going to

                   Will or going to

                   When and If

                   Future continuous

                   Simple present and past continuous

                   Present perfect

                   Present perfect continuous

                   Present perfect (How long, since, for)

                   Present perfect & simple past

                   Past perfect

                   Past perfect continuous

                   Have & have got

                   Used to

Modal verbs

                   Can, could & be able to

                   Could & could have

                   Must and have to

                   May & might

                   May & might (future)

                   Can, could, may & would

                   Have to & must


                   Subjunctive (I suggest you do)


                   If & wish (present)

                   If & wish (past)


                   In case

                   Unless, as long as, provided/providing


                   Be done, have been done

                   Passive (present & past)


                   It is said that

                   Have something done

                   Reported speech

                   Questions (revision)

                   So, neither am I (short ansers & questions)

                   Tag questions ( Are you? Doesn't he?)

ing & infinitive

                   Verb + ing

                   Verb + infinitive

                   Verb + object + infinitive

                   Infinitive or ing

                   Infinitive or ing

                   Preposition + ing

                   Verb + preposition

                   Expressions + ing

                   Be/get used to

                   So that

                   Prefer & would rather

                   Had better to, It's time someone did

                   See someone do, see someone doing

                   ing clauses


                   Uncountable nouns

                   Countable nouns

                   A/an, the

                   The (omission of)

                   Omission of the article (in general, buildings)

                   Omission of the article (geography, in

                               general, buildings, addresses)

                   Singular & plural

                   Possessive form

                   Reflexive pronouns

                   All, all of us, none, most, etc.

                   Both, both of, neither, either, etc.

                   Some, any, something, etc

                   No, none, nothing, etc.

                   Much, many, little, few, etc.

                   All, every, shole

Relative clauses

                   Relative pronouns (subject & object)

                   Whose, whom, where

                   Relative clauses

                   Relative clauses (suite)

                   ing & ed clauses

Adjectives & adverbs

                   Adjectives ending in ing and ed

                   Adjectives  -  word order

                   Adjectives and adverbs (quick/quickly)

                   So, such, too, enough

                   Infinitives after adjectives


                   Comparison & superlative

Word order

                   Word order (verb, + object; place and time)

                   Word order (adverbs with the verbs)

                   Still, yet, anymore, etc.

                   Although, even though, despite, etc.

                   As, like

                   As if


                   At, on, in, for, during, while

                   By, untill, in, at, on

                   In, at, in, into, etc.

                   For, by, of

                   Adjectives and prepositions

                   Verb + preposition

                   Verb + preposition


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