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Test d'évaluation de niveau débutant

Préparé par Lise Solange Pelletier


Read the sentences and choose or circle the correct answer.

1)   My husband _____________ to work at 6:00 every day.

                  a) go            b) goes            c) is going

2)   But I _________________ at 7:30.

                  a) go usually             b) usually go            c) goes usually

3)   _______ Martin work on Saturdays?

                  a) Does          b) Do          c) Was

4)   Did you see Louise last night? No, but I __________ her husband.

                  a) see            b) seen            c) saw

5)    Paul is ___ mechanic.

                  a) mechanic            b) a mechanic            c) the mechanic

6)    How ___________ customers do you have?

                  a) much        b) many           c) few

7)    Last week, I __________ you the same thing.

                  a) telling      b) said            c) told

8)    My ___________________ is new.

               a) daughter's house     b) house daughter   c) house's daughter

9)    I live ___________ Québec.

                  a) to Québec      b) in Québec      c) at Québec

10)   I made ________ coffee.

                a)  a       b) any             c) some

11)   I _________________ my husband for 6 years.

                  a) have known            b) know                  c) knew

12)   I _______________ him 6 years ago.

                  a) have met       b) meet      c) met

13)   I promise you, I _____________ here tomorrow.

                  a) am            b) be            c) will be

14)   While I ___________________, the phone rang.

                  a) was sleeping      b) slept            c) was slept

15)   Before you arrived, I _________ already prepared dinner.

                  a) have            b) had            c) will have

16)   Nicole is not here? Where ____________________?

                  a) have she go            b) have she went          c) has she gone

17)   Céline Dion is one of the ____________ singers in the world.

                  a) best            b) better       c) good

18)   All right everybody, dinner is ready. _________ eat.

                  a) Don't eat             b) Let's             c) Lets

19)   Yesterday, I promised my son to fix his bicycle.

             So,____________ fix it this afternoon.

                  a) I'm going to             b) I would            c) I will

20)   I did it. So, she _________ do it too.

                  a) can            b) cans            can't


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